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GosuLeague Season 3
GosuLeague Season 3

The qualifier is free-for-all and will feature 32 teams in each. [hnice]Hightlighted rules for qualifiers[/hnice] <li> A qualifier is played from start to end during one day. Winner of each round advances to the next round. The team reports their results manually into the play.gosugamers tournament platform. <li> Use an IRC-channel for communication between the teams for qualifiers. The IRC-channel to use is [b]#gosuleague[/b] at Quakenet. <li>Use the teamname/tag as your IRC-name <li>Default wins will be handed out [b]30 minutes[/b] after the qualifier's start. If you don't show activity in the channel or respond to admins, your team will get dropped. <li> If your team makes it into the bracket and don't show up, you will not be able to register for the next 3 qualifiers. If you check in, always stay present in the #gosuleague channel. Click "Rules" below for the full ruleset. Good luck and have fun!

Tháng 72012
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